Dissemination Erasmus K2- Roll Up

Why the Roll Up:

Roll up offers:

  • A professional image If you think about the image you want to give a project, the roll up, done with the right graphics and colors and the right message, allows you to give that image of professionalism and guarantee that the viewer finds.
  • Practicality The rollup allows you to be transported anywhere with ease
  • Creativity The roll-up has enough space to best express what you want to communicate

ICT Department: erasmus k2


The Teacher Gallo Salvatore, project coordinator, illustrates the contents of the erasmus project “Cloud Computing in the European Schools”.

The project lasts two years and involves the mobility of selected students based on the linguistic level and the evaluation in computer science.

The boys of the fourth graphic and technical will be involved.

The staff expresses a positive expression highlighting the human growth that this project will bring to the students.